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Home Ubiquitous PC(UB PC)

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A home networking PC providing a real ubiquitous environment.
Our "5D camera" loaded enables you to take 3D pictures from a variety of angles and also you can control it wirelessly. Since you can control camera positions and angles wirelessly, this product can be used for more free picture taking environment like private internet broadcasting, videocalls, picture taking, remote medical treatment systems, etc. Also, thanks to its motion detection S/W, when an intruder is detected during a surveillance mode, an alarm goes off while it is connected to OCOS Security Center and a police station with its automatic alarm system.
Also, in an emergency situation like gas leak or a fire, it is connected to a fire station and you can have a comfort in mind when you have to leave an elderly person or a baby at home by checking the status of home real-time using our OCS5, OCS7.


    Main CPU : Qaud Core i7-920procesor
    Memory : 3Gb Tri-Channel
    Hdd : 250 ~ 320G byte
    Optical Drive : 16X DVD+/_RW SATA
    Graphic : 512MB GeForce 9800GTX+
    Camara : 5.0M pixel
    Size : 250X290X100
    WiFi : IEEE802.11 b/g/n


    Disaster Prevention, Crime
    Prevention, Personal Broadcasting,
    Games, Photos, Medical Service,
    Video phone, Movie, Web Service
    (stocks, housekeeping book, etc)